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We will have to become 'perpetual marketers', to learn to be channel and data planners without losing our human insight or creativity; to vastly increase the level of accountability and provide more relevant experiences for customers.

John Woodward

Chief Strategy Officer, McCann Erickson

According to a recent report by Insivia, “more video content is uploaded in 30 days than all three major U.S. T.V. networks combined have created in 30 years”. The amount of time we spend watching and sharing videos with friends, loved ones and colleagues is staggering. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get your brand recognized by influencers and your site the right traction to enhance your visitor’s experience.

The focus of our video activity is working directly with brand safe sites that bring relevant demographics and audiences to our agency partners. The added value of working with premium partners, combined with our in-house technology, allows us to deliver specific goals for our campaigns while preserving the user’s experience.


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